Ready-made shelf companies in Estonia

Estonian company in one day!

The fastest way to start business in Estonia is to purchase a ready-made company. Ready-made company is private limited company previously registered in Commercial Register but no economic activities has been made (company has no obligations or liabilities before third parties). Read about Estonian private limited company (called osaühing) in Commercial Code.

Price of Estonian ready-made company is 420 EUR. Read more HERE

In Estonia company tax is 0% if the profit stays in the company and income tax is 21/79 on dividend.

Other taxes in Estonia:

  • Value added tax (VAT) 20%
  • Social tax 33%
  • Income tax 21%
  • Annual basic exemption (non-taxable amount) 144 EUR/per month
  • Unemployment insurance premium (employee) 2,8% withheld of gross salary
  • Unemployment insurance premium (employer) 1,4% of gross salary
  • Funded pension payment (resident employee) 2% of gross salary

In one day you can get:

  • ready-made company in Estonia
  • bank account with online banking
  • order VISACard (cash limit 3500 EUR/per day, payments limit 20 000 EUR/per day). If needed, we pick up the card and send it to you
  • file an application for VAT number registration (if needed)

Additionally we offer:

  • registered address service Read more HERE
  • bookkeeping service Read more HERE
  • notarized power of attorney – registration of management board takes about one week in Commercial Register. If you wish to purchase fixed assets and vehicles or represent the company in bank, tax board or customs authorities before, power of attorney is necessary.

Information we need:

  • full name, place of residence, passport copy and personal code and/or birth date of the owner
  • full name, place of residence, passport copy and personal code and/or birth date of the management board member(s) (could be the owner)
  • if none of the board members are EU citizens you need to appoint a contact person (Estonian citizen)
  • the name you want for the company
  • Estonian address for the company
  • e-mail address of the company
  • phone number for the company
  • if the buyer is legal person, we need additional information. Read more HERE

Alternatively you can buy a company without traveling to Estonia. For that you should authorize us to do it for you. Authorization must be cetified by notarty. If you choose to buy Estonian company from abroad pleas notify us and we send you the template of the authorization letter. For more information please send us e-mail