Company establishing in Estonia

Establishing a company in Estonia requires share capital in private limited company minimal 2500 EUR. If the founder(s) will make a monetary contribution they shall open a bank account in the name of the private limited company being founded, into which they shall pay their monetary contributions.

The founder can also choose to make non-monetary contributions. A non-monetary contribution may be any thing which is monetarily appraisable and transferable to the private limited company or a proprietary right which may be the object of a claim. It shall not be service or work provided to the private limited company or the activities of the founders in the foundation of the private limited company. In case of a non-monetary contribution, the sufficiency of the value of the object of the contribution for the nominal value of the share of the shareholder obliged to make the non-monetary contribution shall be valuated by the management board of a private limited company. The usual value of a thing or right shall be taken as the basis for the valuation of a non-monetary contribution. If the share capital of a private limited company is at least 25 000 euros and the value of a non-monetary contribution exceeds 1/10 of the share capital or if all non-monetary contributions of such private limited company collectively form more than one-half of the share capital, the valuation of the sufficiency of the value of the non-monetary contribution in regard to compliance with the requirements specified in § 142 of this Code shall be verified by an auditor. The liability of an auditor shall be governed respectively by the provisions concerning the valuation of a non-monetary contribution of a public limited company and the liability of an auditor.

Starting from year 2011 it is possible for natural persons to postpone the share capital payment. Then the share capital can not be larger than 25 000 euros. Until the shareholder has completely paid the contribution the shareholder shall be liable to the private limited company for the obligations of the private limited company in the amount of the outstanding contribution, unless the obligation of the private limited company can be performed on the account of the assets of the private limited company. Until the complete payment of the contributions by all the shareholders, the private limited company shall neither increase nor decrease the share capital, and in addition the private limited company shall not make any disbursements to the shareholders. The prohibition on disbursements shall not comprise the salary and other remuneration paid to the shareholder.

It is required that Estonian company have Estonian address (it can be office or home address). If you dont have an Estonian address then we can provide you address service.

The memorandum of association will be made in notarys office. The establishing will be finished within five working days. If you have Estonian, Belgium, Finnish, Lietuva or Portugese ID-card (and PIN codes) and you make monetary contribution then the establishment can be made whitin 24 hours.

If you prefer not to come in Estonia to Establish a company then you can authorize us to do that for you. Authorization must be cetified by notarty. If you choose to establish Estonian company from abroad please notify us and we send you the template of the authorization letter. For more information please send us e-mail