Sale of ready-made companies in Estonia

Sale of ready-made companies (known also as sleeping or shelf companies) has been popular for years in Estonia. The main reasons why to buy a ready-made company in Estonia are following:

  • minimum share capital is only 2500 EUR
  • company transfer can be made in one day
  • it is allowed to have 100% foreign ownership and directorship
  • at least one shareholder and one director required
  • no corporate income tax on undistributed profit
  • income tax 21% on distributed profit
  • easy to set up and change
  • low costs and easy to mantain
  • clear and simple commercial law
  • clear and simple accounting rules
  • very good internet banking

When you buy an Estonian ready-made company you get:

  • ready made company that is already registered in Estonian Commercial Register but hasn’t had any econimic activities
  • share capital paid in full
  • bank account and online banking
  • filing information about new owners, board members and other relevant information in Commercial Register

Purchase deal of ready made company takes place in Estonian Notarys Office. The paiment for our services can be made according to invoice in advantage or immidiately before signing in our office or notarys office.

If you wish to purchase Estonian ready-made company, please send us your information.

Buy an Estonian company without visiting Estonia

We do suggest you to visit our office before buying an Estonian company. But if it is not possible for you we can arrange everything without you coming to Estonia.
We can arrange:

  • share transfer
  • change of board membership
  • online-banking access for the new boardmembers
  • other changes connected with the transfer of the company

We prepare all paperwork and instruct you which documents need to be certified by notary and apostilled.

Timeline for Estonian company registration

If buyers are coming to Estonia they can start using the company and bank account on the very same day. Making changes in register takes about 5 working days after all the documents are received from the client.

The buyers will be owners after signing the purchase agreement. The Notary will forward the information about the share purchase to the Commercial Register immidately. If the buyer has Estonian, Belgium, Finnish, Lietuva or Portugese ID-card (and PIN codes) then after notarys appointment the information can be changed online and changes will be made by the Commercial Register within 24 hours.